Breaking Free From Emotional Eating – Geneen Roth

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Breaking Free From Emotional Eating – Geneen Roth

Geneen Roth is a well-known author and teacher about eating disorders. She has been featured on Oprah and other television and radio programmes.

This book provides a guide to developing better eating habits and to develop a life that doesn’t revolve around food.  She provides strategies for breaking the binge-diet cycle and  assists the reader to remove the roots of emotional eating.  Geneen talks about how years of dieting can result in losing the ability to tell when and if you are hungry. Her book is all about retraining your body to know when it wants to eat.

For so many people dieting is a way of life and can go on for decades. To then give up diets and eat when your body tells you when it’s hungry is very difficult and is a totally new way of living that can feel very strange and also worrying as the clues to “being hungry” have been lost.

Geneen writes “Most of the time we eat in response to our minds. Most of the time we feed our bodies without consulting our bodies. Most of the time ‘when’ we eat has little to do with ‘what’ we are eating for – physical nourishment, satisfaction, a healthy body. Eating when we are hungry implies trusting the wisdom of our bodies; ultimately it necessitates believing that our bodies know their appropriate weight better than we do.

Geneen knows that it’s very difficult to throw away the weighing scales and decide not to diet anymore. But if you do, the result is freedom from a life dominated by food, and the ability to do other more interesting things with your life.

This is a very personal book which sets out Geneen’s own road to recovery and the pitfalls she encountered and what she did about them.  The beginning of the book helps you to learn new ways of eating so that you eat when hungry. The next part of the book helps you to know when to stop eating!  This too is very difficult for somebody who has dieted most of their life. They don’t stop eating when full. They stop eating when whichever diet tells them too. The book also goes into some detail about binging – when it happens and how it can be stopped.

This book provides useful tips and techniques to give up dieting and return to eating when hungry. Geneen’s own story and the way she overcame her eating problems provides impetus for the reader to do the same and also evidence that you can give up the weighing scales and the next fashionable diet. I enjoyed it very much.

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