Cuisipro Tempo Potato Masher

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Cuisipro Tempo Potato Masher

This brilliant potato masher has a wide surface area for mashing and gets into all the edges of pots and pans so that you don’t miss the hidden pieces of potato which come as a nasty surprise when you bite into them!  It’s ergonomically designed so that you don’t experience wrist strain whilst mashing.  (Some mashers have metal knobs on the top that hurt your hand while you do the mashing – I cant really understand why they’re manufactured!)

I did buy a potato ricer before I bought this gadget but I soon realised that I don’t actually like my potatoes mashed into a squelchy creamy consistency. This masher makes good old fashioned mashed potatoes!

I’ve used a number of potato mashers with plastic prongs that eventually came apart.  This one however is made in one good solid piece of stainless steel, so it simply can’t disintegrate.

I really disliked washing potato mashers until I came across this one!   The Cuisipro has a smooth mashing surface and food doesn’t get badly stuck in any of it’s corners so it’s also quick and easy to wash.

A potato masher is a very basic item of kitchenware and often gets a lot of use.  The Cuisipro is comfortable to use, strong, and makes excellent mash, so really you can’t go wrong.  Recommended!

Cuisipro Tempo Potato Masher

Cuisipro Tempo Potato Masher

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