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Home Cooking – Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen is a well known cookery writer and broadcaster in her native home of Ireland.  She writes regularly for national publications and has written a number of very successful cookbooks.  She is often referred to as the Irish Domestic Goddess as she has a similar style to Nigella Lawson – although she doesn’t look like her and her family are featured more prominently as compared to Nigella’s sexy style of presenting!

This book is a great family recipe book.  It is good for people who want wholesome food for the family but aren’t particularly good at cooking!  As the recipes are clearly written and easy to follow.  Nothing is too complicated in this book.  Rachel provides quite a few tips and techniques with her recipes – which are very helpful.

This book really does go back to basics – for instance, she includes recipes Rachel such as boiled and scrambled eggs – which is great as I’m always looking for ideas about the best way to boil the perfect boiled egg!!  The ingredients for the recipes are easy to find and fit in well for families with busy schedules.

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