Italian Home Baking – Gino D’Acampo

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Italian Home Baking – Gino D’Acampo

Like all of Gino’s books, the recipes in this book are easy to follow, hassle-free and achievable. I never thought I would ever master the art of bread making so when I looked at this book for the first time I thought I wouldn’t be interested because of all the bread recipes it contained. I am so glad I decided to read a few of his bread recipes from start to finish just to while away a few minutes. What a revelation! The recipes looked so easy that I decided to buy the book and in one week I had made several different types of bread and his most scrumptious of cakes – chocolate and almond cake! I was totally hooked and have recommended this book to quite a few people.

The book has six chapters, on breads, cakes, biscuits, pasta, pizza and “party”.

Gino explains what are the baking essentials, gives a very good overview of how to knead bread dough and gives us his top baking tips.

Every recipe I’ve made from this book has come out well.  His instructions are easy to follow and nothing is fiddly (as you would expect from an Italian cook!)  I did get a little confused when making the dough, as he suggests you should make it ‘oval’ shape – which I did – but you should remember that this is bread and therefore needs to be ‘bread’ shaped rather than ‘pizza oval’ shaped.  Gino doesn’t mention using baking tins for his bread – I’m not sure why, as this would create the right shape.  So think about this as you are making the bread.

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