Kenwood HM320 3-Speed Hand Mixer

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Kenwood HM320 3-Speed Hand Mixer

This little hand mixer works really well and takes the strain out of mixing recipe ingredients.  It whisks and beats the ingredients for cakes, muffins, pancakes, omelettes and anything else where mixing is required in a recipe.  It mixes eggs and cream really well and everything comes out light, fluffy and well beaten.

If you can’t afford a food mixer but you need something to take the effort out of mixing cake ingredients then buy yourself this little gadget – it’s well worth the money!  It’s quite easy to store as you can pull off the mixing blades and wrap the electric cable around the mixer before storing away in a drawer or cupboard. The blades themselves can be clipped on a little gadget that comes with the mixer so that you don’t lose them.  The mixer itself doesn’t look very much – quite plastic-y in an off-white colour – but it does the job.

It’s a very basic model but it’s very handy – it whisks, beats and mixes. It has 3 speeds and I do sometimes find it a little fiddly to get used to the slide control. When mixing very dry ingredients take care. I once used it for mixing butter and icing sugar. The icing sugar was blown everywhere!  I even had a thin coating of icing sugar on the floor!  Just add the ingredients gradually and use the slow speed to begin the process of mixing.

All in all this little hand mixer is serving me very well!

Find it:  Kenwood HM320 3-Speed Hand Mixer

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