Le Creuset Stoneware Fluted Flan Dish 24 cm

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Le Creuset Stoneware Fluted Flan Dish

I’d originally intended to buy a thin non-stick flan dish but after comparing the different dishes and prices I decided to buy this sturdy and gorgeous looking Le Creuset flan dish for just a few pounds more than other flan dishes for sale.

It’s not just lovely to look at (aren’t all Le Creuset products?) but it’s lovely to cook with too as the enamelled cooking surface transfers the heat equally across all its surface.  I didn’t realise – until I’d read up on Le Creuset products – that all their products have a five year guarantee and their cooking surfaces will not transfer food flavours or odours.

I was a bit worried about dropping and breaking it at first, as it’s much heavier than other baking dishes.  Once you start using the dish though your worries subside – particularly as the finished product looks so lovely and cooks so well. I’ve used Le Creuset cooking products for years and they never ever disappoint. As usual I opted for the red finished flan dish – what is it with me and the colour red?!  I really do recommend it.

Find it:  Le Creuset Stoneware Fluted Flan Dish 24 cm

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