Overcoming Binge Eating – Christopher G Fairburn

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Overcoming Binge Eating – Christopher G Fairburn

Dr Christopher Fairburn is an expert in eating disorders and this was one of the books I turned to when counselling at an eating disorders charity.  The book is written for counsellors, binge eaters and also for the relatives of binge eaters as it provides lots of information on understanding this complex problem and how to control and eventually stop binge eating.

The book explains who binges and why; what the difference is between everyday eating and binge eating; how it can be controlled.  It is divided in two parts.  Part one sets out the facts about binge eating including the causes, and part two is in the form of a self-help manual, setting out the most effective treatments for binge eating.

Dr Fairburn does not believe in abstinence – which is basically the aim of all diets and dieting groups.  There are far better ways to control the amount of food you eat and to eat some of the foods you enjoy.  This book helps by showing you techniques which can overcome the urge to binge; how to control over-eating urges and establish healthy eating habits.

The book opens with a quote for someone who binges:

“IT STARTS OFF with my thinking about about the food that I deny myself when I am dieting. This soon changes into a strong desire to eat. First of all it is a relief and a comfort to eat, and I feel quite high. But then I can’t stop, and I binge. I eat and eat frantically until I am absolutely full. Afterward I feel so guilty and angry with myself.”

And another quote:

I randomly grab whatever food I can and push it into my mouth, sometimes not even chewing it. But I then start feeling guilty and frightened as my stomach begins to ache and my temperature rises. It is only when I feel really ill that I stop eating.”

If you recognise yourself in any of the above statements, then this book may help you understand the problem and how to get rid of it.

Find it:  Overcoming Binge Eating – Dr Christopher G Fairburn

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