Throwing Away The Weighing Scales

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Throwing Away The Weighing Scales

After throwing away my calorie counting notebook and trying to stop calorie counting in my head, the next thing to go was the weighing scales.

Oh the weighing scales. Love them one day!  Hate them the next!  When you’re feeling good and having one of those days when everything is going so well and then you step on the scales, the perfect day ends!  Even though you’ve taken all your clothes off and had a wee to make sure you’re not carrying any excess weight, the weighing scales announces that you have put on an extra 2 pounds. “How could that have happened?” you cry! “I’ve been eating less and exercising more.” Your day goes right downhill and to cheer yourself up, you head for the kitchen and eat the most calorific thing you can find!  And so this cycle continues week in week out, year in, year out.

It has to end.  It has to stop. The weighing scales have to go!  It is the most liberating and freeing thing you can do for yourself.  If you don’t, you will continue to see yourself as fat and a failure if you are jumping on and off them every time you visit the bathroom. The yo-yo dieting cycle will continue. You can stop counting calories on paper or in your head but if you are still using weighing scales you are still in the thrall of obsessing about food and wanting to lose weight. They can make your day or wreck your day. Why allow a piece of plastic and metal to do that to you. It’s bad enough having people and life getting you down. Don’t allow a machine to do that to you too!

You can tell if you have put weight on or not. You don’t need a machine to tell you. This means that you are listening and watching your body and responding correctly to what it is telling you.  This is where you want to be. In charge of your own life and body. By allowing you own self to gauge how you are, you have the freedom to decide whether what you want to eat, why and when to eat it.  For instance, someone offers you a piece of cake.  You may have just eaten and feel too full to eat anything else, in which case you will say “no thanks.” There will be no guilt, no thoughts of “poor me – I can’t eat what I want to eat.”  Instead you will feel good about yourself knowing that next time if you want that piece of cake you will say “yes please” for all the right reasons.

Please, I urge you – throw away those weighing scales. You don’t need them.

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